I scanned the boring menu
hunting something yummy to chew
nothing new was added yet
same old combinations of bread
Finally, ordered my favorite dessert
with spoon I began to flirt
unable to splurge thick cream
lost in some day dream
as the ice melt fast
began to ponder those outcast
in a flash something jolted
to exit door I headed
and looked for little beggar
tottering near my car’s bumper
presenting him the colorful combination
and his dry eyes moistened
gulping frosty milk in seconds
after momentary hesitance , I beckoned
His thin smile widened mine
as his misty eyes shined
And I paid my bill
myriad thoughts began to grill
over paltry happiness often missed
in race of life, wist.

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I count the stars in sky
To the darkness I feel nigh
Galaxy of thoughts swirl around invisibly
Chained to night yet floating free
As each star relate my blessings
I lose the count , memories jangling

I look above again and wonder
Is it really dusky? echoes whisper
The silent breeze sweeps my tears
Yet again my eyes turn blear
The dreams that robbed my sleep
Now sings lullabies that linger deep

Wishing words forgotten as they writ
But this insomniac remembers every bit

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Only _ you

Only in you,
I find my reflection
thats often lost
in life’s complication

Only with you
my silence is heard
decipher hidden meaning
when words are absurd

Only for you
frown turns to smile
for the sweet blackmails are
all worthwhile

Only but you
can change clock’s tick
turn the most boring time
into fun and frolic

Only till you
hold my hands
journey is exciting
sans you , turns bland

Only its you
who can push me more
and force upon me
new avenues to explore


despite being sweetest ‘only you
I failed the same, to reciprocate
but trust me, I will still try to be
the best of a ‘only you‘ mate.

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Lost in Love


Our hands clasped,
skin overlaps
frozen feelings melt
as you tilt
drowning in me
a fantasy turns reality

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